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You will normalize your weight.

A vegan diet helps you lose extra pounds. If you fill your daily diet with fruits, vegetables, legumes, mushrooms, grains and herbs, you can significantly reduce your calorie intake and saturated fat. According to a study by scientists at the University of South Carolina, plant-based dieters lose significantly more weight than vegetarians or those who do not restrict their diet in any way. Vegans and vegetarians have also been shown to have greater stamina and vitality. Meat is one of the most difficult foods to digest and requires a lot of energy to digest. By giving up animal protein, you will soon notice that you are less fatigued and get more done.

Take care of the planet

Quitting animal products is an effective way to reduce your carbon footprint. Livestock is considered one of the biggest contributors to greenhouse gases. It contributes more emissions than all transport - land, sea and air. For example, the production of 1kg of beef emits around 27kg of carbon dioxide. By comparison, in the case of lentils, the figure is 0.9 kg. According to scientists at Oxford University, if the world population switched to plant-based foods, greenhouse gas emissions would be reduced by 70%. In addition, the production of animal fodder would lead to deforestation of the planet, destruction of ecosystems and species extinction.

Save the animals

Veganuary estimates that for 2019, vegans saved an estimated 3.6 million animals from slaughter. For many, this remains a key factor in the decision to switch to a plant-based diet - there is no easier way to prevent suffering and resist the exploitation of innocent creatures. Sceptics say that one person's avoidance of animal products won't make any difference, but it won't. For example, it was vegans that bankrupted Dean Foods, America's largest dairy producer. Consumption of traditional milk has been declining over the past few decades, while demand for alternative plant-based milk made from oats, soya, almonds, rice and coconut has been growing.

Help feed the hungry

To produce 1kg of beef, 15,400 litres of water and about 7kg of grain are needed. Unsurprisingly, one-third of the world's arable land is devoted to fodder crops. These resources could be used more efficiently. They would be enough to feed around 4 billion hungry people. That is the conclusion of researchers at the University of Minnesota. Producing high-protein plant foods is much more economical. Tofu requires half as much water as chicken eggs, researchers at the University of California, Davis, calculate. Compared to classic cheese, it's four times less, and compared to meat, 11 times less.

Extend your life

Researchers at Oxford University have found that switching to a vegan diet en masse will help avoid around 8.1 million premature deaths a year. This is due to the high cholesterol and saturated fat content of animal products. And staff at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston have calculated that replacing chicken eggs with plant-based protein reduces the likelihood of death by 19%. According to the authors of other scientific studies, plant-based diets prevent the development of diabetes and cardiovascular diseases, and relieve symptoms of arthritis and normalize blood pressure. In addition, fruits and vegetables improve emotional well-being and help fight depression due to their high antioxidant content.

Why veganism

Unlike vegetarians, vegans refuse not only meat and fish, but also all animal products: milk, eggs, honey, gelatine. In addition, they do not wear clothes made of leather and fur and do not use cosmetics tested on animals. Despite strict restrictions, veganism has a large army of fans, including Natalie Portman, Joaquin Phoenix, Serena Williams, Mike Tyson, Ariana Grande and Ellen DeGeneres.

Veganism is contraindicated for people with chronic diseases, young children, diabetics, breastfeeding and pregnant women. Such a diet can reduce the body's levels of iron, calcium, zinc, vitamins and important amino acids. It is therefore worth consulting a doctor before giving up meat, fish, eggs and dairy products.